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Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Photo by Andrew Max Levy @justoffthesix


Monarey Martinez doesn't just get booked because she's a woman, she also gets booked because people are terrified of her. Brash, unapologetic, and fearless are just a few of the words ex-boyfriends have used to describe her in relationships. Many comics get accused of treating the stage like their own personal therapy session, and Monarey is certainly one of them. However unlike all the other comics doing that, Monarey has actually found a way to make her trauma hilarious, transforming some of the most horrific stories you'll ever hear into some of the funniest jokes you'll wish you hadn't. A true original, the most honest person you'll ever meet, a brilliant joke writer, and just an all around hilarious comedian, Monarey is going places and you'd be a fool to miss her if you have the chance... mostly because she will hunt you down and make you pay! That is why Monarey Martinez is this week's #CertifiedFunny comic.

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