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While we typically don't book off submissions, please follow the guidelines below to submit to one of our shows. Submitting to one effectively submits to all of our shows, so please do not submit multiple times. Thank you.

Please include:

1. Write "BOOKING INQUIRY" as the Subject

2. If you are in from out of town, say "In from (city name) followed by the dates you are in town. (ie. BOOKING INQUIRY In from NYC 1/15 - 1/28)

3. Your name.

4. Which show you are submitting for (please list only one. Submitting to one will still submit you to all)

5. A link to a sample clip 

6. A link to your website (if you have one)

7. Social Media Handles (Don't worry, your following will play little to no part in our decision making, OR sorry, your following will play little to no part in our decision making)

8. List of upcoming shows in the Los Angeles area where we could potentially see you perform.

Considering the volume of submissions we receive, we will only respond for availability if/when we are ready to book you. We promise you that if you submit here we have received your submission and added you to our system so there is no need to follow up. Thank you.


For all other inquiries please just fill out the fields as labeled. Thank you!

Thanks for submitting!

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